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We're a creative digital agency from Tel Aviv

Muze specializes in Branding & UX Design in the digital domain. We begin each project by searching for a unique concept and message, which will lead to a strong and clear positioning of the business in the market against other competitors. Our services which include branding products, websites, web apps and user interfaces constitute a tool to deliver the message. The working process starts with intensive preliminary research which allows us to formulate, along with the client, the values that will serve as a solid basis and guideline for our design products. This is what makes our design process here at Muze so exciting for us.

Muze is an award-winning Tel Aviv digital creative agency

We work in an inspiring working place, our team include of UX interactive designers and developers, come and visit us at anytime!

We are a group of perfectionists that craft digital experiences in Tel Aviv.

Our Services

  • Branding

    Brand Strategy, Positioning, Visual Identity, Visual Language, Brand Book

  • Web Experiences

    Web Design for Websites and Web applications

  • Dashboard Interface UX / UI

    User Experience Design, User Flow & Interface Planning

  • Mobile Applications

    UX Design for IOS and Android apps, Project Managment from design to Hi-End product

  • Ecommerce Design

    Creating Beautiful & Engaging UX Design for Ecommerce shops for Web and Mobile

  • Hi-End Development

    Custum Web Development Using top Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress and more.


Muze is an award-winning Tel Aviv digital creative agency, creating a bespoke and yet functional wireframe helps us dream up, and implement a fantastic end result


Muze was founded in 2012 by Eyal Talmon & Yonatan Cohen. We are a creative team, made up of expert designers and programmers; we will personally accompany you on your path to reach a quality result, which will work well for you as well for your clients.

Eyal Talmon

When i work on a design project, it usually contains a blank fresh starting point. That means i have the freedom to use my mind for creating a new DNA to my client. This part is very exciting for me, each decision that i make will eventually become a part of the brand identity which will grow with the company years ahead and will become recognized in its clients. At the end we usually implement the creation into the web medium, but it is just the tool, it can be everything. On my spare time, I enjoy outdoor sports, Swimming and running constitute a major part.

Yonatan Cohen

As one smart man once said: “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough”. Whenever i create a new digital product which aims to solve a problem or accomplish a goal, I always start the process with self exploration, trying to find how I relate to the subject. As a UX designer, placing myself as the user is never an easy task, but as a fact, helps creating a strong connection that loads my passion and intuitions into the project. I love to take inspiration from urban architecture, industrial product design and talented people on any subject.