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branding identity - UX - development

the challenge

Shoppimon is a startup specializing in giving more power in the field of business monitoring. Making the admin of an ecommerce website sharper and alerted to new errors and bugs, and eventually making the conversion rate higher. We started the design process from ground zero, searched for color scheme, UI identity , icons and unique language that will make Shoppimon stand out from other players in the market.


  • branding identity
  • photo shooting
  • UX
  • web design
  • client side development
  • Wordpress CMS
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the concept

Shoppimon's platform is being used by two main personas, one is the eCommerce Magento IT admin that can master many stores and fix issues before they impact it's clients. The second persona is the direct business owner who can get alerts directly to his/her mobile or Email, and provide quick response to the situation. For each persona we created a features page which describes each feature to each persona. Moreover we chose storng and powerful colors to create the DNA of the brand, mixed with an authentic photos shooting day at Shoppimon's offices, finally creating the Shoppimon brand.

Shoppimon desktop
Shoppimon tablet
Shoppimon mobile

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