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Success stories

  • Israeli cannabis co IMC lists on Canadian Securities Exchange, IMC has raised $20.4 million Canadian dollars on the Canadian Securities Exchange as IM Cannabis Corp

  • We are proud to announce our huge premium client Intellaxa!  Intellexa has End-To-End intelligence solutions for Law Enforcement, we managed a full design thinking and UX Design process for their two main platforms. 

  • Chinese Kuang-Chi conglomerate invest $20 Million ! in EyeSight technologies, a leader in embedded computer vision.

  • NIKE, INC. has acquired Invertex Ltd, a leading computer vision firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, as it continues to strengthen its digital technology platforms.

  • Gimmonix developed Mapping.Works - Hotels, which began establishing itself as a leader in the industry as it became the exclusive mapping provider for major industry players, including Expedia (EAN) and GTA.

  • HotelRatePRO "Save Money When You Travel" - Is Now Part OfService Technologies


Working with Muze on Emarsys projects was an outstanding experience. They are brilliant dedicated professionals that learn your needs and dive into details in order to deliver the best product possible. Muze's vast experience helped us to significantly increase conversion once we launched our new website, Eyal and the team are really fun to work with and I honestly recommend them.

Tal Cohen

Head of growth @Emarsys

Our primary goal is to help companies define and reach their business goals. We are using Design Thinking methdology with emphasis on great team communication, to make your product designed better, faster, together!


360 product design strategy

Why creating a cohesive End-to-End customer experience is essential for Your brand

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IMC Cannabis

Increasing conversions and investors interest with digital Storytelling

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Muze is an award-winning product design studio based in Tel Aviv. We are your premium boutique solution for user exeprience and brand strategy.

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