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5 Best Tech Trends for 2018

It’s that time when the internet is flooded with trends for the upcoming year and we’re no different with our post today; our 5 best tech trends for 2018.

Tech has more impact on our day to day lives every year and while shows like Black Mirror terrify us with visions of the future, we’re still excited about a few key things to come this year.

AR/VR going mainstream
It’s been bubbling under the tech world surface for a couple of years now but even major brands are integrating AR and VR features into their advertising campaigns and creating virtual experiences for their consumers.

We’re expecting to see a lot more of these experiences this year.
For example, IKEA test launched an app that allows you to choose a piece of furniture from their catalogue and place it somewhere in your house, so that as you walk around your house looking at your phone you can see that new coffee table in your own home and decide whether it’s the one you want.


5G has the potential to be 5x faster than 4G, making our mobile internet way stronger than most home internet services. It will totally revolutionize (again) how we use our phones and mobile devices.
One thing though, while this will be big news in 2018 it’s not likely to be widely available until 2019. Still, we can hope!

5G Internet Muze Digital


Smarter Smartphones
The smartphone gets smarter every year, we know that. But what’s different about 2018 is that mobile processors that can handle A.I technology are in development in preparation for super-smart digital assistants that will predict your needs and become all-round more helpful.

Smartphone Muze Digital


Persona Responsive Design
We all know about responsive design; digital design that reacts to the size and type of screen you’re looking at.
Persona Responsive Design takes that one step further with alternate versions of a site depending on who is looking at it and on what device. This allows a UX UI Designer to create something that is truly intuitive for the person using it. For example, imagine a 90 year old vs a 17 year old; their behavior and needs when browsing the web; totally different right?

Borderless Display
With the Apple iPhone X and Samsung devices introducing edge-to-edge screens in the last 18 months; it opens up a whole new world of display design.
We can now create a continuous story from corner to corner with clever design and we’re excited to develop new apps this year exploring this.

iPhone X Muze Digital

Are you excited about any of these Tech Trends? Got something new to share with us? Drop a comment below!

Eyal Talmon
Eyal Talmon Talmon

Co-Founder at Muze, UX Expert, Client side developer .

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