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CyberWeek Tel Aviv 2018

When Tel Aviv does Cyber Week, Tel Aviv REALLY does Cyber Week. 5 fully loaded days of workshops, roundtables, keynotes, seminars, specialist conferences, networking events and after-parties.

CyberWeek Tel Aviv 2018 starts on June 17th, and the week kicks off with no less than two workshops (GDPR & CCSK) a Cyber Challenge Competition and a roundtable with the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals).

And the speakers you ask? CEO of McAfee, the Internet Security giant, Chris Young alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, next to a distinguished Professor and the former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy school of Government; Joseph S. Nye. Mind. Blown.

Last year the event drew 5000 attendees from over 50 countries and it’s a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the world’s best in CyberSecurity.

Video credit to : Cyber Week, TAU

But why do we care about CyberWeek? We’re excited to meet and collaborate with the best minds in CyberTech because the possibility for stunning Cyber products is endless and every product we work on has to have an element of User friendly security. We’ll be attending a range of events throughout CyberWeek 2018 to soak up the knowledge and bring better UX UI to secure products.

CyberSecurity is still a massive challenge across the globe for even the biggest companies with enormous resources; Equifax and the NSA being notable targets in 2017 for hackers. Impressively though, Israel had the second highest amount of investment in CyberSecurity last year, close behind the USA.



The father of Israeli CyberSec is Professor Isaac Ben Israel, a Military Scientist, Chairman of the Israeli Space Agency and founder of the National Cyber Initiative which took an innovative approach to combatting CyberSecurity threats, an approach that attributes largely to Israel’s incredible success over the past decade in this field.

During a small exclusive event last year, the professor explained that no large authority or body of government can ever be fast enough to predict and prevent Cyber attacks; he suggested years ago that the government should support the ecosystem well so that the young, fast startups and individuals could have access to resources that enable them to create brilliant Cyber products, feed information from the ground up and drive CyberSecurity Innovation.

Major Gen. (Ret.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel will be speaking at CyberWeek Tel Aviv 2018 and we suggest you don’t miss his keynote!

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Yonatan Co-Founder @ Muze

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