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Iteration as a Key in the UX Design Process

Often, a UX designer is presented with the challenge of designing a digital product from start to finish.

Sending it to the Product Manager for confirmation and then to the developers all in a very short amount of time. During that time, designers can spend hours and days focusing on the same elements of the project’s UX Design which can become tedious as the eye becomes tired and the days stretch out.



A valuable tip for UX designers from Eyal Talmon, Co-Founder and UX Expert at Muze, is to put an emphasis on iteration, as a key in the UX design process. Training the eye to refocus and taking short breaks throughout the day is important. If you are a UX designer you may find that some features ‘disappear’ from your focus as you spend long periods staring at the same screen, and this is a situation you want to avoid.

At Muze, we aim to present our clients with the best results, and in order to ensure that every aspect of the project receives some TLC, we make sure that we return to work the next day refreshed and ready to tackle the project. This can only be done if you make a conscious effort to shut off after a long day of work and find a change in scenery. Whether you enjoy running, swimming or painting, find a hobby that will allow you to pull inspiration so you can return to your project with new energy. A combination of iteration and an understanding that a good UX designer should be unafraid to play around with their work, will help you produce the best possible results when designing the UX of a digital product.

At Muze, we believe that a good UX designer is one that keeps second guessing, and is not afraid to challenge the system or revisit the design project.

Eyal Talmon
Eyal Talmon Talmon

Co-Founder at Muze, UX Expert, Client side developer .

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