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Check it out. Cameo is a new video app by Vimeo. It competes with some of the more successful video apps there are today, such as Vine, trying to provide us alternative tool for documenting moments and places.

Cameo is an app for making short videos. It has a very simple and friendly user interface which allows every user to make a video shortly and easily. Even if you have never edited a video before, Cameo allows you to combine and edit videos from your mobile in a very simple way.

Everyone who knows Vimeo could understand that despite its simple interface, this app is not directed to every user. The marketing strategy was to create guidelines that matches the use of the target audience, which is mostly video artists and design lovers. It was done by establishing a new label that bundle videos that were made by the app in order to inspire the users. Vimeo editors carefully chose the inspiration videos, trying to guide the users and create a certain identity of the product, during its launch. But mostly, this move was done in order to make the desirable shift from being just a tool, to become a medium.

The usability is very simple. Cameo chose not to burden with too many features and possibilities, and combining the massive inspiration campaign they succeeded to teach the users how to use the app like they wanted to: less effects, more insights, lots of inspiration.

In addition to its simplicity, the app relays on two main features that have been implemented very successfully:

The first is choosing the video’s mood by colors filters.




The second is access to a music library which is unique to the app. It was implemented very successfully so the user doesn’t get tired of searching it.


Yonatan Co-Founder @ Muze

UX Web Designer, Client side developer and a Co-Founder at Muze.

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