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A relationship between Product Manager & UX Designer

“Before diving into the UX design process of a digital product, every startup should be asking themselves 4 vital questions:

What is the vision of the digital product?
What is the end-goal?
What strategies should be used to achieve the desired product?
What solutions will the digital product present to the current market?

When introducing a concept for a new digital product, the Product Manager is faced with the challenge of envisioning the product’s end-goal. Product Managers often find it difficult to translate their vision, lacking the ‘visual’ aspect of the digital product which is yet to be defined. This is where the UX designer comes in, playing a crucial role in the execution of the Product Manager’s vision to a final product.”

According to Eyal Talmon, Co-Founder and UX Expert at Muze, when beginning the design process, it is important that the UX designer presents the Product Manager with these 4 questions, to fully gain an understanding of the intent for this digital product. Presenting these questions to the Product Manager, will allow the UX designer to gain a thorough understanding of the product, enabling the UX expert to create a beautiful end product, with features specifically designed to suit the company needs. At Muze, we get down to the details of UX UI planning and design, directing the design process according to the company vision. We are passionate about understanding the true vision behind every product, making your dream digital product a reality.

Eyal Talmon
Eyal Talmon Talmon

Co-Founder at Muze, UX Expert, Client side developer .

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