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Top Startup Accelerators in Tel Aviv 2018

In Tel Aviv, we’re lucky enough to have some of the worlds best Startup Accelerator programs and Hubs right on our doorstep. but what are the differences and how can you decide on the best place to establish your Startup? We have created below the full and updated list of Accelerators Programs and Hubs in Tel Aviv in 2018.

Accelerator Programs

Accelerator Programs are designed for early-stage Startups that are looking to grow fast by offering mentoring, work space, training and general Startup support for a specified amount of time.
Often these programs are looking to onboard specific kinds of Startups and will be looking for an equity stake in the company (and sometimes even payment) to participate. Each program is very different though, and we encourage you to shop around.

The Junction Wave 18

Credit: The Junction Tel Aviv | Recent Wave 18 Startup Showcase


Credit: IDC Zell Program | Zell#17 class and staff in the Zellerator- The program’s working space where all the magic happens.

SigmaLabs team

Credit: SigmaLabs TLV | SigmaLabs alumni panel


Credit: TheHive Tel Aviv, #8 Graduation Ceremony


Credit: Microsoft ScaleUp Tel Aviv | Most recent cohort: Kick-Off of Batch 12

Startup Hubs

A Startup Hub is often formed by Startup Founders themselves who wish to build a strong ecosystem around their business and share space. It becomes a mini-epicenter of Startup activity and relies on each member becoming a valuable, active part of the community.
There are lots of location specific Startup Hubs but there are also often Startup Hubs which exclusively welcome members of specific industries like FinTech.

Now that we are clear on the differences, we did a roundup of the best Startup Accelerator options in Tel Aviv to save you searching the internet;


Accelerator Programs (In Tel Aviv)

1. The Junction
Location: Rothschild (Central Tel Aviv)
Industry focus: No specific industry focus.
Program Length: 6 months
Application Requirements: looking for B2B or B2B2C Deep Technology startups. At least two full-time founders, with the CTO being one of them.

2. SigmaLabs Accelerator
Location: Tushiya Street (Tel Aviv).
Industry focus: Open to companies in all verticals
Cost: 0 Equity Policy (participants are given the opportunity to donate Equity back to the program).
Program Length: A 3-month program that runs 3 times a year
Application Requirements: Early-stage startups, with at least two co-founders, one being a CTO. All founders are fully committed to work full time.

” SigmaLabs is focused on moving the odds in your favor, giving you personal access to top entrepreneurs and every resource at our disposal. ”
Leetal Oknin, SigmaLabs Operation Manager.

3. Barclays Accelerator Powered By Techstars Tel Aviv
Location: Ahad Ha’am (Central Tel Aviv)
Industry focus: Payments, Distributed Ledger Technology, Cyber Security, IOT, Cloud, ID and Biometrics, Capital Markets technologies, AI and Machine Learning, Voice and NLP, Open banking and APIs, Robotic Process Automation, RegTech, Risk Management and Customer Ecosystem.
Cost: 6% Equity.
Program Length: 13 Weeks
Application Requirements: A strong and well rounded team that can be ready to launch by the end of the program.

4. 8200 EISP
Location: WeWork Dubnov (Tel Aviv)
Industry focus: No specific industry focus.
Program Length: 5 Months
Application Requirements: Entrepreneurs in their first early-stage startup.

5. 8200 Social Program Accelerator
Location: HaGalil Street (Tel Aviv).
Industry focus: Open to startups that aim to solve significant and global problems through technology.
Cost: The accelerator is a non-profit program. The program does not take equity nor IP rights from the participating startups.
Program Length: A 5-month program that includes 24 days of workshops and lectures, connections with over 60 mentors, free office hours with 30 different companies and various networking opportunities all around the world.
Application Requirements: Early-stage startups, with at least a POC, that aim to solve significant and global problems through technology.

6. The Hive by Non-Profit Gvahim
Location: Einstein Street (North Tel Aviv/ Ramat Aviv).
Industry focus: Focused on Startup’s Founded by Olim and Foreign Entrepreneurs.
Cost: 0 Equity Policy.
Program Length: 5 months
Application Requirements: At least one Co-Founder must be able to commit full time.

“ One or two generations back, someone in our family was packing very quickly and leaving. Immigrants are not averse to starting over. They are, by definition risk takers. A nation of immigrants is a nation of entrepreneurs. ”
Gidi Grinstein. Start-Up Nation Book

7. Microsoft ScaleUp
Location: Ibn Gvirol 30, Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv)
Industry focus: No specific industry focus but looking for cloud-based technologies.
Cost: Zero equity policy.
Founded:  2012
Program Length: 4 Months
Application Requirements: B2B startups in their Round A-phase, demonstrable traction, CEO/co-founder located in Israel. Application by referral only.

8. Brainnovations
Location: Schocken Street (Tel Aviv)
Industry focus: BrainTech
Cost: 3000nis per team
Program Length: 4 Months
Application Requirements: You must be an Entrepreneur, Scientist or Inventor with an early stage startup in the BrainTech arena.

9. MindCET
Location: Tel Aviv / Yeruham (Southern Israel – Negev)
Industry focus: EdTech
Program Length: 5 Months
Application Requirements: You must have an early stage EdTech Startup

10. Johnson Controls Open Innovation Program
Location: Tel Aviv
Industry focus; Innovations that better connected homes and businesses, smarter commercial environments and safer cities.
Cost: 0
Application Requirements: Post Seed Startups with strong Tech leadership

Accelerator Programs (Near Tel Aviv)

1. Zell Entrepreneurship Program at IDC
Location: IDC Campus Herzliya.
Industry focus:  No specific industry focus.
Program Length: 1 Year.
Application Requirements: Outstanding IDC Students in their final year of Undergrad in; Business, Law, Communications, Computer Science, Government, Sustainability, Psychology or Economics.

2. NFX Guild
Location: Herzliya
Industry focus: No specific industry focus.
Cost: 2%-7% Equity
Program Length: 6 Months
Application Requirements: By Invitation Only.

3. Momentum – IDC Entrepreneurs Club
Location: IDC Campus Herzliya
Cost: 0
Program Length: 12 Weeks
Application Requirements: At least one Founder must be a current IDC Student.


Startup Hubs (In Tel Aviv)

1. The Floor
Location: The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange; Central Tel Aviv
Industry Focus: Fintech.

2. The Hub Tel Aviv
Location; Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv
Industry Focus; Open to all entrepreneurs.

3. Nefesh B’Nefesh TLV Hub
Location; Rothschild, Central Tel Aviv
Industry Focus; Open to Olim who made Aliyah 5 years ago or less.

4. CityHub
Location; Ahad Ha’am, Central Tel Aviv
Industry Focus; Open to all entrepreneurs.


Ultimately there are dozens of Accelerator Program options across Israel, and many that work with Israeli Startups bringing them to Silicon Valley and New York too. Each program is tailored to a particular kind of Founder or Startup but most, at the minimum, require an established team, an innovative idea and at least one Founder available to commit full-time to the program duration.
Some charge a fee or take an Equity % for participation, but if this is not something you’d like to do, there are many who do not take any fee or % so be sure to shop around for options.

We at Muze recommend starting with the programs that are tailored to your industry as they will have more expertise and useful contacts for your concept.
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