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Why UX Design is important at MVP stage

“An entrepreneur or a startup founder, by definition, is invested in 100% in his venture, in terms of the time and work he is committed to dedicate to the venture in order to succeed.

It involves intensive research work and learning to understanding every aspect of the business so be able to manage project priorities well.

If we are talking about a product whose main value to the market is based on new technology then it’s best to reach technological validation first.

However if the product’s main value is the interface itself and the experience it’s supposed to create for users then I recommend that the developers should consider the UX as a central element from the very start.

Along the way, I’ve come across entrepreneurs who believe that until a certain volume of users are using the MVP product, the UX UI process can be ignored.

From my experience, specifically in projects we work on at Muze, I am constantly reminded how laying the groundwork for great UX, even in your MVP,  will help the entrepreneur to avoid some early pitfalls, save project development budgets and, last but not least, save potential lost users, which can be hard to retain.

You can check this project that we made a clean UX UI approach for one of their many systems we designed.

At the end of the day, each venture according to its vision and goals is new and different. I think that in any case entrepreneurs should consult with product managers and UX Experts in an early stage. A good expert will knew how to draw up a road map tailored for him.”

Yonatan Co-Founder @ Muze

UX Web Designer, Client side developer and a Co-Founder at Muze.

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