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What’s Your Muze ?

When we decided to produce a short video to represent our studio, we chose to introduce our unique way of thinking while emphasizing a series of values we identify with.
Together, it assembles the studio’s DNA.

Obviously, we chose to shoot our video in Tel Aviv. This city is a never ending source of inspiration, and as the place we live and work in, it is a valuable part of our design process.
The specific rhythm and the distinctive style this city has, provide us with an excellent base that, without any doubt, influences our process and the final product.

The whole production was done in one day, in a number of locations around the city. Every scene was adapted with a suitable model who reflected the specific “muze” we wanted to express. The scenes describe day to day life in Tel Aviv, such as a girl tanning on the beach or a guy having his hair cut. We chose those simple situations in order to convey the idea we believe in – inspiration can be found everywhere, all you have to do is look for it.

To conclude this process, producing this video was an amazing experience which truly inspired us. We’re sure that this inspiration will keep us going and motivate us to reach higher and higher, and hope it will do the same for everyone who watches it.



Yonatan Co-Founder @ Muze

UX Web Designer, Client side developer and a Co-Founder at Muze.

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