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The benefits of using Muze for your SaaS branding and design

As a UX design studio, we embed your unique branding into every step of the customer journey, from first intent to post-sales support. We understand the role that seamless, friction-free UI plays in converting leads, and we bear it in mind when designing your platform.

Branding has been a key part of marketing for centuries, with some companies like Twining's Tea, Bass Ale, and Levi Strauss jeans still using the same logo they first produced in the 1880s. Beer company Stella Artois even dates its logo to the 14th century!

However, branding has obviously moved on since 1366 when Stella Artois was founded. New design norms, consumer expectations, and media have all arisen over the years and altered the face of branding. From our perspective as a digital UX and branding design studio, we see this especially strongly when it comes to SaaS startups and digital products.

Although we call them digital products, the fact is that SaaS solutions and cloud tools are in an entirely different category to traditional physical products, be it shampoo, cars, or paper clips, and they need different tactics from the very beginning of the branding process.

Branding and website design for Finaloop

For SaaS startups, every consumer interaction with your solution takes place online. There's no physical product, so physical branding like billboards, packaging, and print design is irrelevant. You need to work with a design agency that understands the role branding plays in underpinning all your digital marketing, with a full grasp of the customer journey for digital consumers. That's where Muze comes in.

A single coherent design strategy

At Muze, we recognize that storytelling needs to flow smoothly across every touchpoint and channel. We begin with your website, not your products, because we know that B2B SaaS buyers start their research at your website and expect to find all the information they need. Then we extend your branding along every user path, including micro-animation videos that explain your product in an engaging way.

As a UX design studio, we embed your unique branding into every step of the customer journey, from first intent to post-sales support. We understand the role that seamless, friction-free UI plays in converting leads, and we bear it in mind when designing your platform.

Branding and website design for Gadi Fraiman - Artist

From strategy to reality

We begin at the beginning, with competitor analysis, consumer behavioral analytics, and market investigation. We help you consider how you'd like users to interact with your solution and how to tell your story, assisting you to decide on your company voice and choose how to construct your own narrative. Together, we'll develop high-level strategy for acquisition, conversion, and retention, laying the foundations for marketing success in the long term.

Your one-stop shop for SaaS design services

Consistent branding and messaging is crucial for cutting through the noise in today's crowded business ecosystem. When you use Muze, you'll have a single entity working on every aspect of your branding and UX/UI design, from when a user requests a demo on your website or signs up to learn more, to the UI design and interaction flows on your final platform.

What's more, we ensure that consistent branding continues after conversion on all user touchpoints, with every interaction extending a friction-free experience.

We understand startups

We're born in the cradle of startup culture, Tel Aviv, so we get where your SaaS startup is coming from. We understand that startups have different concerns and different needs from established corporations; that's part of what makes us so successful.

We match your beat and talk your language. Let's talk

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    Israel’s Papaya Global Gets $45 Million In Funding To Expand Payroll Processing For A Global Workforce

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    Chinese Kuang-Chi conglomerate invest $20 Million ! in EyeSight technologies, a leader in embedded computer vision.

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gil marx

VP Product - Gimmonix

"As part of an ongoing re-design project, MUZE are assisting Gimmonix for over two years in designing the user interface of new features, existing modules and new products, the company’s websites and marketing materials. MUZE are professional, creative, responsive, and provides good deliverables. Gimmonix highly recommends MUZE and plan to continue working with them as experts in their field"

Liat Rostock

MARKETING DIRECTOR - EyeSight Technology

"It has been a great pleasure working with Muze. A team of highly skilled professionals that deliver great products. We have worked with Muze on several project and will surly use their services again."

Roy Wiesner

CEO- Hutchison Kinrot

"Muze quickly understood our needs, delivered on time and to the highest professional standard. I also know that whenever any issue is comes up, Muze will be there to provide support"

Eugene Jorov

Co-founder - Angel Sensor

"I'd like to take a minute to say thank you. We launched our web store on time, it's working great and customer orders are coming in. Thank you for your efforts and your professionalism!

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