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dead sea clinic

UX/UI - branding identity - development

the challenge

The Dead Sea Clinic is the leading medical center where skin treatments and esthetics are concerned. It is located on the shores of the Dead Sea. The clinic combines extensive knowledge and experience accumulated over years, along with the experiential advantage which it provides its customers thanks to its magnificent location. The company directs most of its operations to medical tourism clients, so the challenge was to generate a marketing tool would convey its competitive advantages through the digital medium.


  • branding identity
  • photo shooting
  • UX
  • web design
  • client side development
  • wordpress CMS
  • complex forms integration

the concept

By using the proper dose of visual elements and reorganizing the brand messaging hierarchy, we were able to maintain a synergy between the professional knowledge and experience and the unique location factor, and thus we tied them both into a marketing advantage which is refreshingly unique. We started with the assumption that the online user who visits the site is aware of the fact that the clinic provides medical services. Therefore, we decided to focus on the visual experience that emphasizes the natural values arising from the location, which stimulates the imagination of the potential client.


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