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Rebranding and website design for an edge-based computer vision AI company

Company: Eyesight Technology

the challenge

eyeSight-tech has developed embedded sensing solutions which enhance user experiences in homes, cars and consumer electronics, allowing touch-free interactions with the devices surrounding us. Until the beginning of the project, the company had been recognised through its technological features, mainly with the finger tracking gestures. whereas in fact the company’s technology, capabilities and business model was already sufficiently designed and developed to break into a wider range of applications, from active interactions such as gesture recognition, to passive sensing such as detection of user presence and action recognition.


  • Brand identity
  • Photo shooting
  • UX
  • web design
  • client side development
  • wordpress CMS
  • complex forms integration
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the concept

First, we created a refreshed messaging hierarchy together with the client, so we set their marketing main core offering to: “We create embedded computer vision” and by that we created more space to present not only the end result service but also it variety of capabilities. We created a system that present each capability with a video background layer which we produce, that demonstrate a unique use of the technology.


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