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New! Product Design and Software Development as a Package

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Hey, We’re Muze - Product design studio based in Tel Aviv and we chose to partner with Sigma - Software, bespoke software development company based in Ukraine

Muze is a Product design studio, with specialists in UX/UI design for digital SaaS products. Working with leading startup companies in the Israeli tech industry, since 2012.

Sigma - Software is an IT consulting and custom software development company with over 1000 experts delivering to Fortune 500 companies and innovative start-ups in diverse industries. Sigma delivering solutions to customers in several industries, Such as: automotive, aviation, real estate construction, gaming, gambling, healthcare, energy, IT, finance, banking, media, advertising, and telecom.

Sigma has offices in 6 different cities in Ukraine, with 7 additional locations worldwide. 

“Sigma is recognized on the Global Outsourcing 100 list”

The ability to offer a comprehensive package of services to our customers is the reason why we decided to offer high-quality product design and development in one package.
Muze will be involved in every step from strategy design till delivering the design assets for development. As a design agency, we really care about the end result of the product, the secret is great communication between the development and designers teams, we have it with Sigma Software.

How it works?

  • We’ll kick off with a three-way introductory meeting between Muze, Sigma & you.
  • Three outsourcing options to choose from: a full-time developer, a dedicated team or remote R&D center.
  • Sigma dedicate a Project manager for the development process.


Why Develop in Ukraine as Opposed to Israel?

We decided to address the main critical issue:

The expertise of software developers in Israel Vs Ukraine

Top Talent Developers- Israel

  • While there is no shortage of experienced talented programmers in Israel, there is a massive lack of workforce on the other.
  • Israeli software developers are primarily employed by wealthy startups.
  • Startups are constantly hunt for top software developers and are willing to pay extremely high salaries, much more than development companies.
  • This highly competitive environment caused a battle over unoccupied jobs and for the average software developer’s salary to skyrocket.
  • Making it almost impossible for dev houses and recruiters to hire qualified candidates and develop in Israel.

Top Talent Developers - Ukraine

  • Ukraine is an attractive software development outsourcing destination with 200,000 tech specialists.
  • Ukrainian IT industry is export-oriented with Top Talents employed by service companies providing remote software development.
  • High level of technical expertise and business culture combined with strong connections to Israel.
  • Proficient and skilled IT specialists are mainly employed by local development companies.
  • Noticeably, Ukraine is becoming a tech hub with Unicorns like Wix and Google settling in.

What Do We Get Out of This?

The ability to offer a comprehensive package of services to our customers!

We’d love to blend with the design! If you don’t need product design we’d still like to assist and advise.

Empower your product design process with muze

Collaborate with our team, we have vast experience to understand your product goals and growth, let us show you how!

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