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hapsburg absinthe

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the challenge

Following the global prohibition on selling absinthe, the Hapsburg Absinthe brand is one of the pioneers that initiated the legitimating of this product and its return to the market. Hapsburg Absinthe was established in 1999; yet except for the branded logo and bottle label design, no further branding procedures had been undertaken and no marketing strategy had been set up to communicate with the target market. The challenge was, first of all, to identify and evaluate the connections between the product and the target market. Then it was necessary to understand the consumers and establish a suitable brand strategy that would attribute values and a sense of belonging to this “silent” product. When this was done, we had to bring the two together.


  • branding identity
  • photo shooting
  • video loop
  • UX
  • web design
  • client side development
  • wordpress CMS
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the concept

Unlike other alcoholic beverages, absinthe is a rugged product with high levels of alcohol, and its consumption was linked to insanity in the past. Therefore, we had to take precautions with the values chosen to be associated with the project. Following a kick-start meeting with the company owners from London, and additional brainstorming with the PM, we elected to use the slogan “One million dollar grunge” to drive creativity. This slogan was based on a hybridization of “wild” and “young” values and a more luxurious and high-quality positioning, which the brand was targeting.Action-wise, we decided to hold a loft party in south Tel Aviv, where we made a brand movie that presents people with suitable profiles, chosen from a variety of models. In addition, we conducted studio photo shoots for each drink with the persona most suited to its values. Finally, we presented the results on a website during a campaign to promote the company’s new branding.


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