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invertex 3D

UX/UI - branding identity - development

the challenge

Invertex are leveraging 3D scanning to allow for an improved e-commerce experience. Their vision is to give the user the ability to create his own avatar and then purchase custom-made products that are exactly suited to him. On that point, Invertex had no logo and no branding voice.


  • branding identity
  • UX
  • photo shooting
  • web design
  • client side development
  • wordpress CMS
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the concept

The scanner uses 3D Vertex to create the avatar, so we decided to rely on the vertex graphic shape for the brand voice. Moreover, we created a video loop that will demonstrate the process in which any person can be scanned and thus have his own avatar while various products are magically customized on it. After that we created all the branding materials.

invertex mockup
invertex desktop mockup
invertex tablet mockup
invertex mobile mockup

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