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Digital Branding - Illustrations - Client side development

the challenge

As anything related to the blockchain industry which develope and change these days at the speed of light - also here, we were challenged to fulfiil this project in a time frame of 3 weeks, from 0-1! The brief Included creating a new Logo, Full Brand identity Kit, Illustrations, Design & Develop a new website.


  • branding identity and concept
  • web design
  • Illustrations
  • client side development

the Solution

We decided to manage this project as a hakathon, spillting the tasks between the studio's designers while each got to do a part of the brief like Brand Identity, illustrations, web design and development. at the end of the day there was only "one shoot" for each team member to deliver his part of the process - no spare time for the usual "ping-pong" process with the client, while everything had to be unified at the end to one holistic result.

local coin swap
local coin swap
local coin swap
local coin swap
local coin swap

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