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UX UI for Network Monitoring System

the challenge

Ondas Network Monitoring System enables the operator to remotely monitor and control mobile and fixed network. The operator needs to get full reviews and recent events regarding each tower network, the system can show several up to many towers, base stations, and remotes. At that point, it was crucial for us to think how we will provide such a complex system with the cleanest design and make the user feel an intuitive flow with minimal effort to understand what to do.


  • Pure UX UI for complex system

the concept

We break down the system to seperate worlds, the operator has a smart timeline that shows the current status for each tower, you can choose to drill down into an event or send a technition, reset or diagnose the station easily! We have worked with Ondas product manager side by side to understand the current old system and more in depth about the personas that will use the system. We also got inputs from the RND regarding the complexity of the backend, complex features were moved to the next round of the roadmap. We made the system very intuative and easy to use, and it was amazing experience to work with an american company remotely!


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