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Company: Papaya Global

What we did:

  • Client Interview
  • Strategy & Digital Positioning
  • Messaging Hierarchy
  • UX Design
  • Interactive Mockups


Papaya Global

Papaya Global is reinventing global payroll, payments, and workforce management. Its automated platform helps companies hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees in more than 100 countries. Papaya transforms traditional international human resource management with automated technology.

Fun fact: the word papaya remains the same in over 80 languages, which represents the brand’s philosophy- To create a best-in-breed workflow that is used across the world. ‘Papaya’ also has the word ‘pay’ in it.

Three years after the founding, Papaya Global has entered a new stage, which was manifested in their recent rebranding. Here is a quote from Papaya’s blog:

"Our new logo features a sphere with two distinct halves – representing our two-track approach to global payroll, payments, and workforce management. We are global and local; automated and human; innovative yet familiar. The two half circles merge into a seamless whole – just as our platform combines information into a single dashboard. The full circle also represents our total workforce management solution. Payroll, EoR, or contractors – whatever type of worker you need, we’ve got you covered."

Challenge: To Expand a Visual Identity to the Web

Muze entered the scene after Papaya’s rebranding was finalized. Ours was a different mission: to expand the new visual language to the web. We’ve also designed a new website for Papaya, but the main challenge of this project was to create a strategy for evolving new brand identity to fit the needs of the digital domain.

Brand colors

Sub Expressions

Logo and Visual Identity by Shulab

Solution: defining & visualizing the company’s value Propositions

To get started with the project, our team explored the key questions:

  • Can we improve and simplify the story?
  • How can we create a more comprehensive digital presence?
  • Which pages and UX flows within the platform are used the most?
  • How can we improve the overall user experience of the website?

After the initial research, we realized that every offering inside Papaya’s unified solution can be defined independently. So we broke it down into four areas: Hire, Onboard, Manage, and Pay — and designed a visual representation for each of them. That helped us create more clear and precise messaging for the future website.

  • Hire: Employ team members globally
  • Onboard: Integrate team members quickly
  • Manage: Compliance, accuracy and security
  • Pay: Cross-border payments made easy

Brand shape theme

Visual composition for the four solution screens


We’ve kept exploring the dynamic brand shapes to create a set of icons for the website: from simple, clarifying icons to more abstract and decorative ones. Regardless of the complexity level, all icons work well together and fit perfectly into the new Papaya’s identity. We also used the same shape theme for the website illustrations.


We designed a section for each offering according to the new visual identity, using various brand colors and unique round-centric shapes. Every Papaya’s client is different, some of them need the whole package, but many are looking for a specific product or service, be it payroll, hiring services, an onboarding platform or something else.

To help Papaya effectively cater to all target audiences, we structured the new website in a way that’s telling not just one but four different stories under a single powerful brand.

The robust yet coherent visual system, that we design based on the existing brand language, allowed us to create a clean and concise flow for each website page.

UX Design

Because Papaya offers a wide range of products and services, we had to think about different pages in a different way.

CountryPedia is a great example of our UX approach. This page is instrumental for Papaya’s clients who come here to explore the offerings and terms available in each country. Even though we were building a resource for B2B buyers, we still wanted to make it user-friendly and accommodating. The experience almost resembles the Airbnb website: you can browse available options with beautiful images and quick access to high-level information. From the main CountryPedia page, the user can navigate to each country’s profile to find more extensive information.


With this project, we achieved even more than we planned for. We’ve not only helped Papaya Global extend their new beautiful identity to the web, we also created an additional layer of the company’s visual language to define key value propositions. This ‘additional layer’ can be used outside the website, too: for online and offline branding, marketing materials and even product design.

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