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Think about your brand as a skyscraper

Brand strategy & design

A multi-storey tower is supposed to soar and be seen from afar, capture the attention of anyone who looks at it and be intriguing and attractive so they want to get to know it better, from the inside too. Such a tower must be based on solid foundations, to safely hold this magnificent work, support it and allow it to impress.

That is precisely the essence of brand strategy

Its purpose is to accurately provide "stable foundations" to your product, and just like in architectural work, it must be professionally planned to the smallest detail, until it forms the foundation, upon which the work can grow -as high as possible!

This process is extremely crucial. It ensures that the communication messages to your target audience are not only creative, but first and foremost clear, unique and especially true to your business reality and to your brand story

That is what makes all the difference between a successful brand with clear differentiation and a loyal customer audience, and an inconsistent and inconspicuous brand.

Your foundations, our muze

Each brand has a variety of foundations and essential values. Some are visible and some need to be revealed. Our many years of experience in the areas of product and brand design allow us to find and identify the most appropriate foundations for you, and to build a winning creative strategy for your product on all touchpoints, It can start with the brand design and logo, website UX storytellign with a CTA to request a demo, and then finally trying to play and get the Aha moment with your SaaS platform. We connect all those dots into one branding experience.

The process includes:

  • A mutual brainstorming session in which we will define the brand or project territory, customers and competitors, and identify the elements and values that are unique to you.
  • An hour-long meeting with each of the "key people" in the company to get a deeper understanding of the content worlds of the brand / project.
  • Analysis of the conclusions and insights from the three previous stages.
  • Formulating operative options for communication strategy of the brand / project.
  • Making a decision on creative strategy and developing textual and design language accordingly.
  • Accompaniment, guidance and "fine tuning" support for messages - if required - during the initial stages of implementation.

So if you wish to turn your next project into a monumental statement in the business landscape, you can definitely build on us! Let's talk

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Success stories

  • Israeli cannabis co IMC lists on Canadian Securities Exchange, IMC has raised $20.4 million Canadian dollars on the Canadian Securities Exchange as IM Cannabis Corp

  • Synopsys Acquires AI-Powered, Real-Time Performance Optimization Leader Concertio! 

  • Chinese Kuang-Chi conglomerate invest $20 Million ! in EyeSight technologies, a leader in embedded computer vision.

  • NIKE, INC. has acquired Invertex Ltd, a leading computer vision firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, as it continues to strengthen its digital technology platforms.

  • Gimmonix developed Mapping.Works - Hotels, which began establishing itself as a leader in the industry as it became the exclusive mapping provider for major industry players, including Expedia (EAN) and GTA.

  • HotelRatePRO "Save Money When You Travel" - Is Now Part Of Service Technologies

gil marx

VP Product - Gimmonix

"As part of an ongoing re-design project, MUZE are assisting Gimmonix for over two years in designing the user interface of new features, existing modules and new products, the company’s websites and marketing materials. MUZE are professional, creative, responsive, and provides good deliverables. Gimmonix highly recommends MUZE and plan to continue working with them as experts in their field"

Liat Rostock

MARKETING DIRECTOR - EyeSight Technology

"It has been a great pleasure working with Muze. A team of highly skilled professionals that deliver great products. We have worked with Muze on several project and will surly use their services again."

Roy Wiesner

CEO- Hutchison Kinrot

"Muze quickly understood our needs, delivered on time and to the highest professional standard. I also know that whenever any issue is comes up, Muze will be there to provide support"

Eugene Jorov

Co-founder - Angel Sensor

"I'd like to take a minute to say thank you. We launched our web store on time, it's working great and customer orders are coming in. Thank you for your efforts and your professionalism!

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