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the challenge

Tipigo is on the forefront of a new investing dynamic platform which allows you to outperform the markets without the need of using leverage or other risky strategies. In this challenge we had to observe Tipigo’s current platform and splits the user interface to a 80% 20% usage depends on the highest and lowest features that the platform offers. Also, We’ve been asked to plan a complex Trade feature, and to wrap all this with UX for Web & native Mobile platforms.


  • UX / UI
  • Native mobile version UX / UI
  • branding identity
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the concept

The Key point in this project was to present to the user all the big data on one screen, 
so the user would be able to get a fast glance of his current portfolio status - while being home working on his computer, or on his way to work using his phone, 
We’ve managed to make the new User experience intuitive and easy to use. The GUI elements were sorted by 5 segments : Portfolio, Trade , Statistics, History and Reports, whilst avoiding visual data to be mixed between them.

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