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Muze is an award-winning product design studio based in Tel Aviv.

muze™ - Our name is an extension of our design philosophy:
Creating meaningful solutions driven by passion and constant search for quality and unique outcomes.

Developers love muze

Muze founders are product designers with vast experience in development. When we create the fundamental design structure we already think about the developers and how we can make their life easy, how to be cost-effective, and still create a smart user experience.

Collaboration is the key

We know how to provides seamless collaboration between the product manager, the developers and the UX UI team of muze.

Design Sprint

Solving big problems fast! Design sprint is a simple way to start working on a product and to align your team. try to do it with us! it will bring logic and validation to your ideas in an early stage.

Design Thinking

We plan and design products to be so simple to use that it looks like it took us a very short time to accomplish, when in fact we think, plan, build, review and think again before concluding a project.

Defining the product vision

UX UI Design takes time and deep thought. We involve our clients in the process, ensuring the quality of the end result and ultimately providing complete satisfaction for our client’s users.

Google invited us to speak

Product design is not just about how much knowledge designers have with different platforms like sketch and figma, but how smart they can solve a brief and the knowledge they have with different systems. We as an agency have a lot of experience and we created our own working methodology. Those are the main reasons for our success.

We are your premium award-winning studio for user exeprience and brand strategy since 2012


We’re proud of our achievements!

The Founders

It started with two childhood friends, Eyal Talmon and Yonatan Cohen, working together since the mobile design impacted and responsive design appeared, they were learning client-side code just to make a better user experience design and now they are operating a team of designers focusing on design thinking methodology

Eyal Talmon

Business Development Manager, Co-Founder

Eyal has more than 10 years of experience to find the best solution for your product! has a B.des in Interacion Graphic Design from max stern yezreel valley college. Eyal has vast knowledge and experience in client side code, with that can bring a seemless collaboration with the RND and the product manager.

Yonatan Cohen

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Yonatan has more than 10 years of experience to make muze team think out of the box! has a B.des in Interaction Graphic Design from HIT Holon college. Yonatan has vast experience in UX planning for complex design systems and various digital products.

Empower your product design process with muze

Collaborate with our team, we have vast experience to understand your product goals and growth, let us show you how!

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